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Dog walking inside Doguroo

Trial Day

Our trial days are mandatory for any and all who wish to participate in our daycare or boarding services. We hold trial days Monday through Wednesday by appointment only. Getting to know your dog is very important to us, so we only take 5 dogs per day. Due to this availability, our trial days fill up rather quickly, especially before major holidays.

How It Works

Our staff starts each trial day by getting to know your dog before they introduce them to any of our resident daycare dogs. Once we have a sense of your dog’s personality, we slowly mix in other dogs with similar play styles from one of our six groups. After a group of 10 or 15 dogs is established, they then let that smaller group into the appropriate daycare yard to mingle and play.

Two dogs standing inside Doguroo


Like people, dogs change over time. To ensure that our facility is still meeting their needs we require a reassessment day for any pup who has been away for 1 year or longer. This day is a breeze for most and costs the same as a regular day of daycare ($30). We conduct reassessments Monday through Wednesday by appointment only.

Group of dogs walking inside Doguroo

Holiday Boarding

Due to our high safety standards, all dogs must pass a trial day before the dates below to board during the corresponding holiday.

Memorial Day Weekend: May 1stIndependence Day: June 1stLabor Day Weekend: August 1stThanksgiving AND Christmas: October 1stNew Year’s Eve: December 1st