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Welcome to Doguroo’s pet supply center!

As part of our whole dog experience, we are ready to provide for your dogs every need. When you join our pack whether its for doggy daycare or grooming, you also get access to some of the highest quality pet food, treats, toys, leashes, collars, bowls, beds, and grooming brushes.

Let’s about Dog Food

And we do want to talk to you about your dog’s food. Every dog has different nutritional needs, that may need to be adjusted on their age, lifestyle, and health condition. We carry a variety of proteins brands that you won’t find in every store. No matter if you have a puppy, a rowdy teenager, or a super senior, we can talk to you about what food would be a good fit and how to safely switch from one dog food to another. We also have supplements to improve you dogs overall health and culinary experience. Bone broths and goat milk are just two of our favorites to enhance a dry food diet.

Dog Treats

Are you looking for treats that are Freeze Dried, Grain Free, High Protein, or Limited Ingredients? We have got you covered. We carry a variety of cookies, dog jerky, rawhides, chews, and assorted biscuits that will have your pup drooling before you even open the bag.

Pet Grooming Supplies

If you have ever scheduled a groom or bath with our talented team, you know how great your dog can look. We carry all the supplies you need for the in between visits. Our team of pet experts can tell you exactly what kind of comb or bush is best for your dog’s coat especially during shedding season! We also have a variety of pet shampoo, conditioners, and colognes that can be used on cats and dogs. We even have specialty brands for sensitive skin or that are hypoallergenic.

Dog Toys

Tennis balls are great, but have you tried a ChuckIt or a Wubba? Do you have the dog that can find the squeaker in less than a minute? Do you want a toy that keeps them entertained and interested without you having to throw it for them? We carry them all. We are constantly updating our toy selection with what is new and making sure of dogs have the best. We have the traditional toys, enrichment toys, and seasonal toys that you and your pup will love.


We also love our feline friends and know how picky cats can be. We carry wet and dry cat foods that the most sophisticated kitten will purr over.

Doguroo Store Perks

Astro Loyalty Program

Shopping with us gives you access to tons of great deals every month! Enjoy exclusive savings and free food only offered through Astro!

Doguroo Points

Every time you shop with us, whether for services or retail, you get 1 point for every $1 spent. Save your points for a rainy day or spend as you earn!

250 Points = $5

500 Points = $10

750 Points = $15

1000 Points = $20

Brands We Carry


A Pup Above

Primal Pet Foods

Raised Right

The Honest Kitchen



Pure Vita

Nature's Logic


Hound & Gatos


Stella & Chewy's


Fussie Cat




Dr. Marty's

Earth Animal Wisdom



Tucker's Raw

Bones & Co


The Natural Dog Company

White Oak Pastures Pet Provisions

Wag More Bark Less

D.R.E.A.M. Pet Foods