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Medication Policy

Please Carefully Read This Policy In Its Entirety

We are happy to administer medications, vitamins, and supplements at no additional charge!

During drop off you will be asked to sign a medication waiver, confirming we have your dog’s particular medications correct in name and dosage.

If an express check in has been completed we will ask you to review the entered information again at drop off, and provide a signature confirming the information is still correct.

Friends and family members are allowed to sign medication waivers OR they can default to the parent, in which case we would reach out via phone or email for confirmation.

For safety reasons DO NOT pack medications within individual bags of food!

**Doguroo defines medications as any of the following: Prescription pills, tablets, or liquids, joint tablets or chews, vitamin tablets or chews, dietary powders such as Fortiflora, salmon/krill oils, and supplements such as grass savers.

**We do NOT accept or administer any medications involving a needle.