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Staff with dogs at Doguroo


What makes Doguroo different than other dog daycares?

Our number one goal is to provide your pup with a safe and clean environment in which they can release energy and socialize with fellow pups. We make a point to not only know each dog by name, but know their unique personality, playstyle, and even eating habits, as if they were our own. Our all-inclusive experience, emphasis on communication, and exceptional customer service is what sets us paws above the rest. We wholeheartedly invite you to give us an opportunity to wow you and your pup!

Do you offer half days?

Yes and no. While your dog is welcome to come and play for as little or as much time as you desire, we do not offer a half day rate. So even if your dog is only here for 2 hours you will still be charged the full-day rate.

Where does my dog go to the bathroom?

All of our pups utilize the daycare yards (or similar yards of varying sizes that are off camera) for their bathroom needs. Our staff not only monitor your dog’s play while in the yard, but clean and sanitize as well. Rest assured all our cleaning and disinfectant products are 100% safe to be used around pups’ of any age.

Will my dog unlearn their potty training since they use the bathroom inside?

This is a common and completely understandable concern! In our 10 plus years of experience we have never once had a pup transfer said behavior home. Your dog is smart and understands that our facility is a safe and acceptable environment to potty inside while your plush white carpet remains off limits.

I picked up my dog from daycare and they smell like urine, what gives?

While we are constantly evolving our approach to cleanliness to ensure that we are using top of the line pet friendly products, an unfortunate tell of a good time is often the smell of play on your pup's coat that lingers after pickup.

In addition to our specially trained wags (daycare personnel) working hard to keep a clean yard throughout the day, we also offer a free wipe down station in our lobby for parents to freshen up pups before the ride home. This station contains grooming wipes, waterless shampoo, Odor Blaster spray, cologne, and towels. If you are unsure which products to use, our staff will happily guide you to the best solution, as most of us wipe down our own pups before heading home too!

Why do I see large dogs in with small dogs?

Our small dog yard contains all small dogs and puppies. Since puppies grow extremely fast, their bigger size may look a bit out of place but their social game is not up to par with our large dogs until about 1 year of age. We carefully monitor the play of all sized dogs and make adjustments on a case by case basis if the safety of anyone should be compromised. In addition to puppies, small yard is also perfect for our larger senior guests, who prefer a slower pace.

Why does my dog not go directly into the play yard when I drop off?

Our primary goal at Doguroo is the safety of each pup in our pack. By placing your dog in a den before entering the play yard, they have a chance to calmly acclimate to the facility by adjusting to the smells and sounds of their surroundings. This cool down period is brief, to ensure that your pup gets maximum time expending their energy with their friends.

Can you feed my dog while attending daycare?

A midday snack or a hearty meal at dinner time, we accommodate it all, at no extra charge! During drop off be sure to check in with the front desk, so our receptionists can confirm the amount of food being fed and if you prefer we offer this during lunch or dinner time.

Can my small dog and large dog board together?

Of course! We have specially sized dens, called zens, that are specifically designed for families! These zens have enough space for multiple pups and all their comfort items, with additional room to stretch their legs and move about. Not only do dogs from the same family enjoying snoozing together, but you receive a discount when they board together as well. It's a win win!

What is a "rubdown"?

Dogs, like kids, can pick up some unexpected scratches during play. Our job is to give a thorough nose to tail check to each pup every single day they are in our care. Trained staff are not only looking for scrapes, but also checking gums and skin for proper levels of hydration. (Playing with friends is hard work!) If we notice anything abnormal or concerning, our managers will reach out to parents immediately.

What should I pack for my dogs boarding stay?

We are glad you asked! Please bring enough food and any necessary medications your dog will need for their entire stay. You are also welcome to bring a bed or blanket, toys, plastic slow feeder, and of course treats! Remember to be conscientious of packed belongings that may become a choking hazard, as your pup will be left with these items unattended overnight. We ask that you do NOT pack the following: stainless steel food and water bowls OR any items made out of glass, ceramic, or porcelain. Puppy tip: We suggest bringing an old blanket or towel for comfort in lieu of a large expensive bed. Sharp puppy teeth and an innate impulse to chew means we cannot guarantee that soft items will go home in one piece.

What if I forget to pack my dog's food?

Whether your pup is here for daycare or boarding, our lobby is full of high quality holistic options sure to entice even the pickiest of eaters! Don't see your brand? Let us recommend a comparable option! Our wide array of tasty food will make your dog happy, and our competitive pricing will make you happy too!

I forgot my dog's bed, does he have to sleep on the floor?

Absolutely not! All of our dogs can experience comfort sleeping on their own Kurunda bed (K-bed). This dog cot elevates pups off the floor, to give them a restful night’s sleep after an exciting day of play!

My dog takes medication, how will you accommodate them?

Please Carefully Read This Policy In Its Entirety

We are happy to administer medications, vitamins, and supplements at no additional charge!

During drop off you will be asked to sign a medication waiver, confirming we have your dog’s particular medications correct in name and dosage.

If an express check in has been completed we will ask you to review the entered information again at drop off, and provide a signature confirming the information is still correct.

Friends and family members are allowed to sign medication waivers OR they can default to the parent, in which case we would reach out via phone or email for confirmation.

For safety reasons DO NOT pack medications within individual bags of food!

**Doguroo defines medications as any of the following: Prescription pills, tablets, or liquids, joint tablets or chews, vitamin tablets or chews, dietary powders such as Fortiflora, salmon/krill oils, and supplements such as grass savers. **We do NOT accept or administer any medications involving a needle.